bet ya didn’t know that!

Published January 15, 2012 by klutzy279

I had an experience a few days ago which inspired this post.  I was talking to a friend of mine as gaeilge, and a tourist who was seated near us asked us what language we were speaking. I informed her we were speaking Gaeilge or Irish.  She was totally surprised that Ireland has it’s own native language.  It got me thinking that there must be lots of other things people don’t know about Ireland, and the amount of misconceptions out there…….. here are a few…..

  • We have a native language called Gaeilge or Irish,  unfortunately it’s not widely spoken even though it’s taught in every school.
  • Gaelic is a sport not what Irish people call their native language.
  • No Irish person I know would ever eat corned beef for dinner! It’s not very popular and it’s only eaten sliced and cold.
  • We do not sing Danny Boy that often, The Fields of Athenry is much more popular.
  • Irish stew may be our national dish but it’s not hugely popular.
  • The IRA is an unpopular organisation that most Irish people are against even though some think everyone supports them.
  • We are not a nation of alcoholics even though we are always portayed that way.
  • Craic is fun not an illegal substance (couldn’t resist that one!)
  • I know many tourists  find this weird , cheese and onion is one of the most popular flavour crisps which bring me to the next one…..
  • french fries are chips and chips are crisps (it’s the same in the uk).
  • One of our national sports is hurling it’s one of the fastest team sports in the world that uses a ball
  • No one and I mean no one! says “top of the morning to ya” (hollywood take note)……damn you darby o’gill………

2 comments on “bet ya didn’t know that!

  • Top of the mornin’ to ya!

    My grandmother was Irish and made my mother corned beef all the time for dinner, and thus she made it for me. It may just be something that the Irish community in America popularized?

  • It must be that! my mom can’t ever remember having it either and I don’t know anyone who eats it for dinner. It’s only ever eaten cold and sliced like baloney and it’s not popular. It always cracks me up because people think we eat the stuff all the time.

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