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tricky when sicky!

Published February 10, 2012 by klutzy279

Sleep deprivation from being up all night coughing drives you crazy!!!!!!!

Not that I expect anyone missed me but the lack of activity on my blog is due to me being sick!  If I could sum it up in three words it would be bleugh, bleugh and more bleugh.  Sometimes, not being sick enough to justify time off work sucks more than being sick enough to taking a few days and sleeping it off.  Having a cough when serving members of the public can lead to awkward moments.  Like when you are serving someone and you have to run off spluttering looking for a drink before you choke.  Having tears in your eyes from all the coughing and having your boss ask you are you having a bad day is pretty unpleasant as well.  I still cringe thinking of that! Cough medicine is beyond disgusting I’m convinced it’s designed that the taste in your mouth takes your mind off your cough, another double benefit is that you certainly won’t take too much.

This is all manageable until you have to speak at length with people (the tricky bit ………) I had a meeting with one of my bosses and it was awful.  I wasn’t able to talk for more than a few minutes without a coughing fit.  Not nice! She was so concerned about me and that just made me more mortified!

Bottom line being sick stinks