me likey likey!

Published January 14, 2012 by klutzy279

I stumbled across this recently absoluuuuuuuuuutely love it!


that’s not my name!

Published January 11, 2012 by klutzy279

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose.  By any other name would smell as sweet”  Oh no it wouldn’t!

Number one of my pet hates is when people get my name wrong.   It happens ALL the time! I’m really beginning to feel like this song is my theme tune.  It’s not like it’s even that unusual or hard to pronounce, I have a name badge for fricks sake! For a while I considered not responding unless people actually used my name.  However,  something tells me that I may not have my job very long if I ignored customers.  I find when I meet people for the first time there are usually two scenarios:

A) Oh so your name is …. and then they promptly continue to call me a similar name to mine and I’m being generous when I say similar. I quietly seeth….

B)(exceptionally rare) …. how do say that again? and they promptly say my name properly from them on.  I quietly want to give them a hug!

I live in a small town so most customers think they know my name so I hear my name wrong at least 50-60 times a day (maybe I’ll bring a clicker next time) .  Or maybe I should have my name written phonetically on my badge.

The good news is there are advantages!

  • You can ignore teachers and lecturers for years when they ask you to answer questions! “oops I didn’t know it was me you were talking to”.
  • You can get away from that annoying person you want to avoid when they shout at you from across the street.  “oops sorry I thought you were calling somebody else”.
  •  It can save you from endless telephone surveys . “Sorry nobody lives here with that name, you must have the wrong number”.
  • You will never get all that crap like mugs or keyrings with your name plastered all over them. But beware the crap that can be customised to order…
  • It makes you more careful about learning other peoples names properly.
  • You can make a whole blog post about it ( I mean if I was called Jane what would I write about…….





Published January 10, 2012 by klutzy279

So I decided to start a blog….. I don’t know why !  I ‘m not an aspiring writer, hipster, fashionista , journalist etc etc. I’m not travelling,  I don’t have some sort of experience I feel the need to document.  I guess I just think it might be fun! Anyways…… I am 24 and I live in the west of ireland and I’m female that’s all you are going to find out for now! When you live in a place as small as I do anonymity is a must.  I’m not going to use it to be nasty, I just feel more comfortable writing all my random nonsense in anonymity.  Even though I don’t know who is going to read it! I work crazy hours and don’t have a social life, my only talent is in falling over (trust me i’m good at it!) so I doubt anything I’ll have to say is interesting but hey that never stopped others : )

I think that I might set myself a challenge, I am going to do at least one thing I’ve never done before a week.  Though considering the fact I work such crap hours and have no time to go many places these things may be pretty tame…… week 1 :  I ate curry flavour baked beans. Well I actually have done that before! Maybe this week I get a free pass considering I have never written a  blog before.  Anyways I’m hoping this will be fun.  We’ll have to see what happens…… (Sorry about all the ……. and !!!!!! I do that a lot you’ll just have to get used to it tee hee!)