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An ode to Irish weather

Published January 27, 2012 by klutzy279

I get so sick of the crappy weather we get in Ireland it makes me narky, not that I am hard to please just  a few days that are dry and I’m happy……I probably should consider emigrating if I want to keep those that have to put up with me sane. I mean its like forks but no Cullens (oops another twilight reference….must not do again… must tone down twihardiness!) I love going for walks in the local woods when weather permits.

But I’m a total fair weather friend when it comes to the outdoors! The first hint of much rain and I’m put off.  Considering the amount of rain free days that occur in Ireland, I don’t get much opportunity unless I suck it up and get out there.  So today was lovely and I got out for a walk and I forgot how nice it is.  It also got me thinking about the inordinate amount of time Irish people spend talking about the weather.  Honestly if the weather wasn’t such a popular topic I have no idea what we’d talk about.  The sheer amount of ways to describe the rain is incredible…..

spitting, drizzling, misting, showery, lashing, pouring are just a few.

What then of wind?

blustery, breezy, gusty etc etc

The weather forecasters can quite safely forecast some showers most days and not worry about being wrong!

If we were to suddenly develop a Mediterranean climate our reputation as a nation of talkers would be ruined!

I think it’s testament to the Irish people that we actually entertain the notion that we are going to get an extended period of nice weather in the summer. Not that I do because unless I wear layers of sunscreen I sport a nice shade of lobster!  Cloud suits me just fine thank you very much!

Then if the weather is nice everyone complains it’s too hot after more than a few days of sunshine.

But I do love the green that this rain creates

I guess there has to be benefits to it! I’ll just have to invest in a nice pair of wellies and suck it up!

Life is short to let the weather rule it!

One day of nice weather and some fresh air my brain goes all outdoorsy…….oh dear tomorrow i’ll decide that I’m going to take up fishing or something……..not a good idea as it requires hand eye co-ordination and balance and patience (damn I’m a little low on all of those counts)

Maybe another benefit is the weather prevents me from following through on any mad ideas like dangerous outdoor activities or should I say dangerous for a klutz like me!!!!!!!